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Women Enjoy the Truth About Sex | Do They Really Enjoy It?

Stimulation of the anus can be no less pleasant than traditional forms of sexual activity. But not everyone is ready to try, and it’s not easy to just admit to you that desire. For many, anal stimulation is closely related to homosexuality. But actually it is not. Once tried, you can discover a whole new world of sexual pleasure. And anal stimuli offered by our sex shop can help.

Anal stimulants are not divided by gender, they can be equally used by both men and women. The only exceptions are prostate stimulants and the fact that there are unisex models that are quite suitable for a woman. But for many, it remains unclear how to use butt plugs and bushings correctly and what kind of sex toy a newbie should choose, including any other butt plug usage ideas.

Butt plugs and sleeves are one of the most popular sex toys in sex shops, they are presented in large quantities, differ in shape, size and materials.

The pleasure of anal stimulation is achieved by the impact on the anal muscles, they are one of the most erogenous zones of man. The peculiarity of anal stimulation is that in order to obtain sexual pleasure it is not necessary to make any movements, only the presence of the anal plug in the anus can be enjoyed. There are a number of questions that come up in the process some being What is a butt plug – What do they do? What are they for? Are there any benefits?

Butt plugs are silicone, latex, PVC, TPD (thermoplastic rubber), TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), glass, and even metal. The choice of material depends entirely on personal preference. Butt plugs and bushings with vibration are very popular, as this additional option can significantly enhance pleasant sensations. There are also plugs with tails (pony-play) and anal jewelry with rhinestones.

How to use butt plug?

There are three ways to use anal toys:

During intercourse;

For constant wear;

For targeted stretching of the anal muscles.

Butt plug during sex can be used by both man and woman. This allows you to enhance the pleasure, make the orgasm more vivid and long. In addition, the use of the anal plug by a man has a positive effect on the strength and duration of the erection, since the anal plug acts on the prostate gland.

Also, the use of the anal plug for permanent wear is becoming increasingly popular. It excites and prepares the anus for sex with a partner. Choosing a butt plug for these purposes it is better to give preference to a sex toy from a neutral material such as silicone or glass.

Wearing the anal plug is just necessary before sex using a strap-on, it will help prepare the anus for penetration, stretch the muscles and prepare the anus. Also, for effective stretching of the anal muscles they use expanding plugs that can be inserted into the anus, and then increased in size with the help of a pear.

Of course, butt plug, like any other sex toy for the anus, is recommended to use with anal lubrication. Since there is no natural lubricant in the anus, anal lubrication will significantly simplify the use of plugs.

How to choose butt plug?

The most important thing when choosing an anal plug is to determine the size. If this is the first experience of using anal toys, you should not immediately buy a large-diameter anal plug. Of course, it is quite possible to use it, but at first it will cause discomfort. Small and medium anal plugs have a diameter of from 1.5 to 4 cm, from 4 to 7 cm, perfect sex toy for travelling – these are large anal plugs, and over 7 cm are giants that only those who have sufficient experience with anal stimulation can use.

If you use the butt plug planned alone and at home, it is better to buy a toy with vibration, like for example a vibrator that transforms love life. You can also opt for vibrating dildo that brings joy. But such butt plugs are not particularly suitable for use during sex and constant wear.

Butt plugs with rhinestones look beautiful, they perform their immediate function and look very sexy. The main criterion for choosing anal sex toys – so that they like and do not cause discomfort. For more information about anal sex toys that do not cause discomfort – Click This Link.

Butt plug with hemorrhoids is a modern development of pharmaceutical production. The attitude of specialists to its use is extremely opposite: some recognize the effectiveness; others deny the product any positive properties.

Butt plug for treatment requires, prior to use, that a person obtains certain knowledge. To use a toy for sex without consulting a specialist is dangerous. Pharmaceutical development is not as simple as pills, suppositories and ointments. Therefore, treatment with its help is not on the first lines of the choice of patients of the proctologist.


All products can be the prevention of hemorrhoids, protect internal tissues from damage possible during anal sex. Subject functions are as follows:

  • anus stimulation;
  • muscle relaxation;
  • narrowing of the vaginal walls.

Healing items have a special form. Curved contours will allow to massage the prostate and prevent the development of hemorrhoids and cones. The shape of ordinary sex toys is thought out in style and design, and not in therapeutic effects on the fabric.

Terms of use require the use of lubricants. When exposed to the affected areas when diagnosing the development of the disease, the stopper is treated with hemorrhoid creams. Often, instead of a lubricant, they use products that were created independently at home.

Hemorrhoids often begin to manifest themselves after intimate intimacy through the anus. The diameter of the anal canal is smaller than the male sexual organ in an excited state. Closeness leads to tissue breaks, bleeding. For lovers of such games there are special items that strengthen and train the walls and muscles of the passage. If you protect your partner from tearing and damage, the type of anal intimacy can become safe and pleasant. But it is contraindicated for those who begin to observe the development of delicate pathologies. Any deterioration of the rectal zone signals a halt in this kind of sex. Hidden signs of hemorrhoids can come out , become obvious and dangerous.

Prolapsed of the rectum

 One of the most unpleasant consequences can be spontaneous emptying of the intestines, which a person cannot control and stop.

That is why with hemorrhoids anal sex is very dangerous and practically should be excluded. Ointments, creams and lubricants will not help to stop the development of the disease, an urgent help of a doctor will be needed.