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5 Reasons Chastity Underwear Makes You A Better Lover In Bed

Suitable for many types and a good way to control the lust of the man:Chastity underwear firmly encloses the male genitalia and thus effectively prevents masturbation. The fact that such a cage is particularly secure and secured with a lock; this cannot be removed by the wearer itself, but must always be worn as long as the owner of the key thinks it is right. This opens the way for imaginative role-playing games and cuckolding.

The chastity cage is often used by followers of the BDSM to prohibit the wearer any sexual acts, because each erection caused by the narrowness of the cage inevitably pain. The chastity belts are made of leather, plastic or stainless steel and are available in different sizes to perfectly fit each penis.

In comparison,you can compare five different models with each other, and of course not forgetting the quality of workmanship that is so important for a comfortable fit.

Lustful games with sexuality

Your sexuality brand new know – that is with a penis cage, also called cock cage or, possible. The fact that an erection can no longer arise without pain and also masturbation is effectively prevented, the wearer of a chastity belt gives off all power over his desire. The duration of such a game is quite variable – the penis cage can either be used only for a limited period of a few hours to the Tease & Denial, i.e. the excite and refuseto support, or even be worn over several days and weeks in the form of cuckolding or a relationship that involves no sexual intercourse. The varieties are subject to a huge bandwidth and are limited, of course, not only on pure BDSM relationships. Even as an occasional erotic toy can be a penis cage use outstanding and brings a whole new kind of pleasure to light, which is based solely on the desire and the knowledge not to touch yourself, but always to rely on the will of the partner, The partner may, if he wishes, repeatedly tease the wearer of the chastity ring to orgasm him just before the climax to fail or to focus purely on anal stimulation of the prostate.

The history of the chastity belt

The chastity belt is assigned primarily to the middleAges. For decades, historians have suggested that the woman’s chastity belt was designed at the time to ensure her abstinence during the man’s absence. However, there is no solid evidence that this was really so – on the contrary, due to the materials that were used at that time, chafing could not be prevented. That would inevitably have led to infections that would have been at times life-threatening. The long wearing was then not recommended. Rather, chastity belts are already in the Middle Ages, either as an erotic toy or as a punitive and torture toolhas been used. In the 18th century, such chastity belts were also used for the man to torture by the withdrawal of their own lust.

In the 19th century, the chastity belt for women then experienced a small rebirth and was from then on even industrially produced. At that time, belts were used to protect maids from rape; the use in children and adolescents, to curb the then still morbid banned masturbation, was known.

The following 20th century then meant a liberation for the sexuality and the knowledge about the different erotic toys and varieties was spread. So it came that chastity belt for menbecame more and more popular and today is no longer used purely as a compulsory education measure in BDSM, but also to win new lovers far from these varieties.

Create penis cage – It’s easy

Before putting on a penis cage, it is always advisable to shave the genital area thoroughly – this not only brings benefits in terms of hygiene, but also ensures that less pain caused by possibly trapped hair warden.Further, it is recommended to use a lubricant and also to have some ice cubes at hand.

Put the penis in the flaccid state together with the testicles through the testicle ring, so that the testicle hangs down behind the ring.Then push the cage over the penis and pay attention that the guide rail of the ring and cage go into each other and fix with the small nipples. Attach the lock between the cage and the testicle ring and you’re done.

Good hygiene despite chastity cage

If a chastity belt worn, then the hygiene is significantly limited. However, this does not have to be a hindrance to the use of such a part. For daily body cleansing, the penis cage should ideally be removed and at the same time sterilized. Too long wearing can also lead to sores in the genital area, which also indicates a wrong-fitting penile cage. However, the sores should be treated as soon as possible; otherwise there is a risk of infection.

If the chastity cage is to be worn permanently over a period of several days or weeks without removing it, then a particularly intensive hygiene is the top priority. Overall, a durable wear is only hygienic possible if the penis is circumcised. Of course, whether a longer wearing is possible depends on the nature of the cage: If this relatively much access to the penis, then it can usually be worn without any problems even several weeks. However, daily body hygiene is somewhat prolonged, as cotton swabs often have to be used in order to perform them well. However, all this should not put off wearing a chastity belt – this difficult cleaning can also be quite pleasurable and be involved in the love game with. Also, personal hygiene can be done under the watchful eye of the key holder. This chastity cage is truly magical!

Penis cage experiences

After a survey, the following experience of the penis cage carriers came out:

  • The application of the testicle ring and the cage is getting used to at the beginning and should be done only in the absolutely relaxed state. The comfort is then pleasant for a longer period of time.
  • It can be cured without problems and standing with some practice.
  • The sexual desire can be increased immensely; since normally the partner has the key and this determined quasi if one has an erection and can come to orgasm.
  • Orgasm is limited in the penis cage and possible in pain, by stimulation with the strapon or massage of the prostate.

 Confidence in the game of chastity is the nuts and bolts

In all erotic games in which the partner is given responsibility over his own body, mutual trust is especially important and should not be ignored. Only when this trust is deep can one fully surrender to the games and the imagination. In the BDSM certain codewords like “Lock The Cock” are agreed on, which would immediately let the dominant part know if something is wrong. These codewords like should also agree to all couples who want to deal with a penis cage outside of this variety – because a hard “no” often does the desire a break. Therefore, before beginning words should be set that limit the paindescribe, but not finish the whole lovemaking; similarly, words are essential for immediate demolition, moderate tempo, or hardness reduction. If one of these words falls, then it has to be considered immediately – only then can the trust in the partner be further strengthened.

For safe use of chastity cage therefore also includes the task of safekeeping the spare key, which is supplied to the castle. If the wearer is to leave the chastity belt put on for a long time and the owner of the first key is not immediately reachable, then the second key must be handed over to another person in order to always be able to immediately remove the penile cage in an emergency.