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How To Use Sex Slings Safely To Avoid Injuries

Swinging is fun and gives a sense of freedom and weightlessness. But there are not only swings on the playground, but also in the bedroom. A love swing makes the sex an ecstatic experience and brings a lot of variety in the bedroom. What you should look for when buying a love swing and what you can do with it so everything: experts will also guide all this including Sex swing/sling safety.

The swinging movement allows completely new experiences in lovemaking

A love swing brings sensual highlights in a floating position. In the jargon she is also known as Sling and is becoming increasingly popular as a sex toy in German bedrooms. Whether man or woman take a seat in the swing – with the right tricks an intense lovemaking is guaranteed.

Construction and classic position

The love swing is made of plastic or leather and is attached via a chain on the ceiling in the room. Of course, the structural requirements must be able to carry the heavy weight of one or two bodies in the swing. The bodies themselves are held by several wide straps that allow many positions. Modern variants even offer a sitting or lying area. In the classic position, the man stands while the woman is sitting or lying in the swing. After penetration, the slight swinging movements of the swing can be used effectively for a pleasant rhythm. In addition, anal or oral pleasure is also possible. It only needs to be determined who wants to determine the movements.

Rock in pairs

A particularly intense body contact arises with both partners in the swing. First, the man sits in the straps, while the woman sits down on him. The faces are both facing each other and the bodies are closely connected. Swinging both partners in the climax and can literally enjoy the proximity. Besides, there are many more possibilities of ecstasy – you just have to be creative. Lateral positions can be implemented as well as other experiments. Even if it looks uncomfortable – through the swing many positions are easily reached.

Passive attitude in the love swing: the partner is completely delivered and can be spoiled on all sides. Due to the elevated position, the pendulum movement and rotation in the love swing position changes or persevering games without effort possible.

The active partner has countless possibilities: standing up from the front, laterally behind, sitting or kneeling, both hands are always free for various games.

No stiff neck, no sore muscles, long lovemaking without high performance, relaxed surrender leg spread with the help of leg loops in the desired height.

The love swing allows positions that are not technically possible in bed , unless two high-performance athletes with Kamasutra Master are united.

The love swing is reminiscent of a children’s swing, which does not have a “seat board”, but two seat loops. So you have a seat loop for each leg and thigh, this has the distinct advantage that man and woman can spread his legs comfortably. This love swing position allows already unimagined possibilities in lovemaking with the love swing.

Love swing: For a swinging sex life

If you want to try the wild sex in the love swing with your partner, you should first think about where you best put the love swing. It is very important that the love swing is stably fixed, because in the end, you should not go like Sexfan Samantha in “Sex and the City”, which put her tailbone at risk when using a love swing thanks to a loose screw. This not only disturbs the love game, but can also lead to serious injuries. Therefore choose a stable concrete ceiling or a beam for your love swing best.With a solid hook from the hardware store, the swing should hold up well. Another advantage, if you attach the love swing on a hook: You can remove the love swing at any time when visitors log on. If you cannot make it to hide the love swing in time, and your grandma is unannounced at the door, but you can just tell her that this is a new designer piece of furniture. If you are lucky, she believes you.

Love swing: an investment for life

A love swing belongs priced to the more expensive sex toys. For the 200 dollars you should already invest in your love swing. Although there are also cheaper love swings, these cannot compete with the more expensive variants. So grab something deeper! Then you can use your love swing with the good feeling that it does not tear right away when it gets a bit wilder. The price makes itself felt in a love swing also on the material Рsince you will use them mainly naked, it should feel comfortable. After all, it should not scratch or pinch during sex. For more info, visit cumswingwithme.com.

Love swing: A feeling of weightlessness

With a love swing you can try the craziest positions – and all without much effort. To inspire you a little, we have put together a few positions for the love swing for you.

The standing position for the love swing

Set the love swing to the optimum height. You sit in the love swing, he stands before you and penetrates into you. Now he can either hit himself or swing you in the love swing back and forth. This position is also ideal for anal sex. By the way, this position works just as well when you lie down in the love swing and turn your buttocks over to him.

Sitting together in the love swing

He sits down in the love swing, you sit on him. Whether you turn your face or your back to him does not matter. Now you can rock together to the climax.

Oral sex on the love swing

Whether you do it with his mouth or he satisfies you orally, the love swing is ideal for oral sex . You can kneel in front of him and pull him over to you again and again push away. That will drive him crazy.

These sex positions are of course only small suggestions for what you can do with the love swing everything. If you would like to be further inspired, you will surely find a lot of tips and tricks for the best sex positions, sex toys or Kamasutra in our big sex and erotic advisor . There you will certainly find something that can be implemented in such a way or in a modified form for the love swing – your imagination knows no bounds.

With a sex swing you can bring a little variety in your love life, try new positions and enjoy the feeling of weightlessness. So into the love swing and swing together to orgasm!