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What Are The Advantages of Using Vaginal Weights?

Vaginal muscles are important for static and function of the sexual organs, and in time or postpartum they may become weak and negatively affect the function of the urinating and sexual life. Gynecologists explain exactly what the muscles work with balls.A sexual therapist promotes lifting loads of vaginal muscles to strengthen.

Ancient Taoist Method

Vaginal muscles are extremely important for the static and function of the sexual organs and the bladder, and during their pregnancy or after delivery their weakening occurs. Some women, although not born, may also have weak vaginal muscles and may affect their sexual life, but also the function of the urination. Sexual therapist who promotes lifting the burden of vaginal muscles explains that it is a method that not only boosts the muscles of the vagina and the pelvic floor, but it also encourages women to physically and emotionally attach themselves to their vagina and its sexual energy.

Anam lifting the burden using her vaginal muscles began a world tour to educate women about the importance of vaginal muscles and showed them all the benefits of their strengthening for women. She explains that lifting the cargo in this way is actually an ancient Taoist method in which sex is viewed as a cure, and strengthening of vaginal muscles was an important part of their health regimen. The Taoist regime strengthened the pelvic floor muscles, supported internal organs and raised sexual energy throughout the body.

More effective than Kegel’s exercises

Lifting the loads of vaginal muscles is practiced with a jade piece in the form of an egg on which the thread for which different types of cargo can be attached can be attached. In Chinese medicine, jade was used to heal and balance the female reproductive system. Apart from jellies, there are also silicone and glass balls available for sale. Balls or eggs are available in three different sizes and start with a large egg at the beginning and with increasing muscle control and strength moving to a smaller size. The load is tied to the egg through the hole in it, while the balls already have a small loop where the cargo can hang.

Gynecologists explains that Exercises with vaginal weights strengthen the pelvic floor muscle is much more effective than classic Kegel exercises because it is an exercise with ball or ball resistance.

Reinforced womb muscles can bring a myriad of health benefits:

  • Prevents vaginal displacement or vaginal prolaps
  • Enables easier birth and faster recovery
  • Eliminates urinary incontinence problems
  • Increases circulation in vaginal channels and allows for easier vaginal wetting
  • Better and more intense orgasm
  • Increases libido and sexual pleasure

Spheres increase tonus

Gynecology and obstetrician specialist, and Human Reproductive Specialist explained that the muscles of the pelvic floor, including those supporting the vaginal walls , should always be well exacerbated by general physical exercises or specially designed exercises, so-called Kegel’s exercises. This part of the body’s muscles is responsible for the static pelvic organs on which their proper function depends. Over time, especially in women who have been given more muscle tone by the muscular tone and hinder the function of urinating, more frequent urinary tract infections and even organs (primarily uterus) are produced. Some of these disorders have to be solely surgical, but many can be prevented by exercises for strengthening the vaginal muscles.

Kegel’s Exercises are foreseen for a wider muscle group than ball exercises that primarily work on strengthening the tonsils of sphincters (circular clamp muscles) and vagina supporters. Kegel’s exercises mainly affect the entire so-called. For normal sex life, the complete integrity of the pelvic organs and muscles is essential, and any kind of cracking certainly exacerbates sex life, and vice versa. Facilitation of childbirth is certainly an advantage of these exercises because muscles increase elasticity, their strength and voluntary relaxation, which all together can be beneficial

How to strengthen the muscles?

Experience shows that one third of women start performing Kegel’s exercises by compressing the wrong muscles so it is useful to know how to run them correctly. Some authors argue that the best results are achieved if, with music, exercise is performed twice a day before and before bed when we are most comfortable. Find out how to properly perform Kegel’s exercises with this link: https://loveballs.co/collections/stainless-steel-kegel. Here are some tips for you.

Train with guts

You certainly are not happy that this part of our bodies should be practiced, but you know us, we also have good news: Kegel’s exercises are not tough. It’s a simple compression of pubocoxigenic muscle that’s the same muscle that stops the urine out of the urine that you keep as slow as you count to three. Then relax your muscle and count up to five, and then repeat the squeeze. Gradually you should increase the holding of compressed muscle until you reach ten. Make three times a day for five series of this exercise and – that’s it! The results will not take long to wait; the muscles will react to this training after 6 to 8 weeks.

Before you begin to train, you need to be sure to practice the right muscle. And make sure that you are trying to stop the urinating of urine two to three times – yes, that’s exactly the muscle that you need to train. But the attention – when you know which muscle is exactly the word, do not keep the urination more often because it can cause frequent urinary infections.

Another Warning: Kegel’s exercises are not effective if the muscles of the abdomen, thighs or buttocks are compressed at the same time when the area of the vagina is compressed. It only increases the pressure inside the abdomen and aggravates the problem.

To make sure you exercise properly, put two fingers in the vagina, spread them slightly and squeeze the muscles of the vagina. You will know that you are exercising properly if you feel the muscles around your fingers compress and your belly is soft and relaxed. Now let’s go back to the balls: they’ll help you a lot, but how to choose them. To begin with, you should choose the ones that match your size and weight. If you use them for the first time, buy interlocked plastic or double balls (which have a ball inside the ball) to keep them in the muscles, otherwise they may turn off. It is also irrelevant to the weight of the balls – while the muscles are weaker, it should start with 30-gram balls, with a gradual increase of up to 140 grams. As the muscles become tighter and the vagina narrower, you will also be able to use the original Ben Wa balls, that is, two small, separate balls.