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Pros and Cons of having sex while being high

Almost every seasoned weed veteran will tell you that being high makes everything feel so much better. But how can weed give you the best sex of your lifetime? What are its positive effects on sex, and what are its dangers? Check out the pros and cons of having sex while being high!

What Are the Pros?

Firstly, weed can improve your sex life greatly if you know what you’re doing. Here are some of the biggest benefits of smoking cannabis during sex.

Increased Desire

Over the years, numerous marijuana studies have claimed that Mary Jane can increase your libido. A recent experiment from 2019 showed that over 60% of people had experienced a heightened sexual desire while high on cannabis.


Generally, cannabinoids can affect your sex drive in several different ways. For one, blazing up can make you feel relaxed. Moreover, it eliminates any pain or stress. This can lower performance anxiety. It can make you more willing to try different things in bed.

Additionally, THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol directly targets the part of your brain that is responsible for your arousal. Still, those effects will highly depend on the individual and the way a particular strain of marijuana affects them.

Increased Sensitivity

Aside from increased sexual desire, most users claim that getting baked heightens their senses. That’s why you’ll often hear that weed makes any sexual experience feel even better. Experts claim that cannabinoids can trigger your natural endocannabinoid system in a way that boosts your response to pleasure and relaxation.


A landmark study from 1984 proved that weed enhances the sensation of touch by nearly 60% for both men and women. Also, recent studies from 2016 came to the same conclusion. However, what we also know is that the quantity can greatly impact the experience. Most people feel positive effects if they have sex after one joint. If you smoke large doses, it could actually hinder your sexual performance.

Time Slows Down

Most cannabis users agree that weed changes their sense of time. This is a fantastic benefit for sex. It makes you feel chilled out and makes everything seem much slower. It can make you feel like you are having sex for hours and hours and allow you and your partner to completely immerse yourselves in your bodies. Yet, in reality, you could only be having sex for a few minutes.

Intense Orgasms

With a heightened libido, an increased response to pleasure, and a slower sense of time, you can get the perfect recipe for intense orgasms. Almost every weed aficionado claims that it prolongs sensations during an orgasm. It also boosts orgasmic sensations throughout the whole body.

A new Stanford study from 2020 proved that most women could alleviate any orgasm difficulties with weed. In fact, cannabis suppresses pain from vaginal or anal penetration. It also improves sexual function and increases the intensity of clitoral, vaginal, and blended orgasms. Plus, weed won’t only give you stronger orgasms — it will boost your emotional satisfaction and deepen your bond with your partner.

What Are the Cons?

Unfortunately, smoking blunts could also cause several negative effects during sex.


As we’ve said, the effects can greatly depend on the dosage that you consume. According to the American Academy of Neurology, smoking too much weed can harm your ability to have sex. This also varies on an individual basis. Yet, the general consensus is that the aphrodisiac-like effects of weed mainly occur with a low or moderate dose. Your sexual behavior and arousal could decrease after two or more joints. If you consume an excessive dose, you’ll simply be too high to perform.

Lower Sperm Count

Almost all studies that focus on weed’s effect on fertility have proven that cannabis can disrupt sperm function.


In fact, the sperm count and concentration can decrease by around 30% for men who are regular smokers. If you smoke weed more than once a week and are trying to impregnate your partner, you should reconsider your habits. Additionally, even though weed can disrupt the sperm count, you shouldn’t think of it as a form of contraception. Another serious side-effect of weed is erectile dysfunction.

Vaginal Dryness

While weed can boost the female libido and increase the pleasure during orgasms, it can have negative consequences on natural lubrication. Cannabis can dry out the mucous membranes. This is evident through the “cotton mouth” syndrome. Except, for women, weed can dry out the vagina. It can create friction and pain during penetration. To combat this issue, you can use lube during sex or masturbation.

High-Risk Behavior

Finally, having sex while intoxicated with any substance can lead to risky behaviors. If you have high or drunk sex, you could make some bad decisions. That includes taking things too far (both literally and figuratively) or attempting some activities that your partner doesn’t consent to.


High sex could also make you reckless when it comes to contraception and birth control. Studies have found that smoking marijuana increases the chances of STIs and unintended pregnancies. Additionally, if you’re not careful, high levels of marijuana could expose you to injuries or accidents.

Final Thoughts

Having sex while high can feel amazing, but if you intend to try it, remember to smoke weed in moderation and stay responsible. Have fun!