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Why being high during sex?

being high during sex

There is no denying the fact that sex is becoming trending in modern time as people making many relationships with that. Somehow sex and drugs are always seems together in controversies and areas where enjoying is possible. There are so many issues which are related to the sex and drugs and the reality is that it is becoming serious issue and result much hazardous and much abuse. People are doing sex while high, best of two worlds which makes them much enjoyable and feels them better relaxation to spending more time with weeds drugs and all. There are some consequences which are officially concern with sex and drugs which make them possible to become high while sex:-

  • Emotional distress: this word is commonly based on the abuse of sex with the help of weeds and bad habit. This mainly concern with issues while there is a sex while high. Emotional distress refers from emotionally background habit. If you are doing sex while high, best of two worlds are mainly touched with their life. Sex while high always show negative results
  • Abuse stress: High weed s and drunk habits may cause and abuse stress. It concern with concept of sex while high because if man and woman both are addicted to weeds and somehow they are much using these items while sex, generally produce stress.
  • Drug seeking and exhausting: Habits plays an important role in making life better and abuse. People are seeking too much drugs and lots of drink before sex which helps to provide ineffective and negative results.
  • Consuming behavior: Consuming behavior also plays an important role in their habits of drugs. As if we are taking drugs in excessive manner then it will surely harm your health.
  • Physically effects: Sex always affect physically whether positively or negatively. If we are talking about sex then due to weeds and being high it must effect in physically manner.
  • Unwanted pregnancies: Sex while high is becoming responsible in unwanted pregnancies as it may harm woman life and entire future. Unwanted pregnancies always occur due to miss guidance of information and bad habits like weeds.
  • Prostitution: Prostitution is a heavy used word which is commonly shows that the bad effect of sex. Prostitution may occur when they want business and whether they are much addicted to it. This can surely effect on human life because of living standard.

Sometimes many people might claim that drugs and sex and with high feeling is good and basically it feels good having together but somehow it is temporarily fact designs and shows in a slower manner hence result surely negative reflectance. Addiction with drugs may abuse the serious problem.


Ultimately these two facts are shown when people have sex while high, best of two worlds but also it mainly effect positively and negatively. It is to be considered that sex is good for our life but to use it wrongly makes much effective on our life.